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Jan. - Dec. 2012

2012/12/07 Ricoh’s Projector Shines at Tan Ping Solo Exhibition in Beijing
—— Ultra-short-throw projector presents modern art in a perfect manner

From 2012 December 7 to 13, an art exhibition with the theme of “A Line - Tan Ping Solo Exhibition 2012”, was held at National Art Museum of China in Beijing. This was the first exhibition on an artist of abstraction held at the main exhibition hall of National Art Museum of China, displaying the works of Tan Ping, the most prestigious Chinese abstract artist and vice president of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, in oil painting and woodcut. Meanwhile, the new media technologies including interactive imaging were innovatively used at this exhibition. 25 ultra-short-throw projectors PJ WX4130N/WX4130 of Ricoh were used and set up by SRCB, perfectly presented the charm of contemporary new art with their outstanding technology.

2012/09/03 SRCB opens 2013 campus recruitment positions

SRCB launched its 2013 campus recruitment activity in 2012 Sep.
This year, SRCB opens 5 positions to 2013 graduates in fields of visual processing, embedded system, wireless networking, data mining and lighting control. For more information, please refer to "Career Opportunities".

2012/03/16 New position opens in experienced recruitment-Marketing Research Analyst

In March 2012, SRCB opens a new position-Marketing Research Analyst. We are looking for talented people to help us in market investigation, marketing data analysis, and reporting. The existing two positions are still valid. Please check "Career Opportunities (Experienced)" page for more information.