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Career Opportunities

Recruit Progress

Q: What’s the next progress of the recruitment after I receive a confirmation of “Submit Resume Successfully”? How to inform me?
A: We will do a telephone interview for you after we select resumes, then if you pass the telephone interview you will receive the notice about the first interview, which will call you by phone and send an invitation letter to you by email.

Recruit Progress
  1. Receiving Application
  2. Shortlist
  3. Telephone Interview
  4. Onsite Interview(2-3times)
  5. Offer
Q: Do you have a written examination?
A: No, we do not have a written exam, we just focus on your performance during the face-to-face interview. However, if it is necessary, we may add a written exam to test your technical capacities.
Q: What questions and what kind of the questions are there in the interview? Is it an English interview?
A: For telephone interview:The questions usually include professional skills, general questions, oral English test.

For onsite interview:You need to make an English presentation about yourself, which may conclude your technical expertise, project experiences(Highlight 1-2 projects),technical contribution, the research area you are interested in,etc.

We will hold two technical interviews, one hour for each interview, the time is not limited basic on the actual situation of interview.

These two interviews all require you to use English cause English is the language we use to conduct business around the world, as well as our working environment is English. We may generally know your English skills in your interview. In most cases, you’ll interview with projects managers,technical experts,and company executives.

For HR interview: Our HR manager will talk to you about your career development plans, job expectations. At the same time,you can communicate salary with HR manager in this interview.
Q: When can I know the final results?
A: We will send an offer to the candidates who pass our interviews in 1-2 weeks after the end of the third interview.Also,if you do not pass the interview,you will receive a thank you letter from us.

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Recruit Requirement

Q: How many positions can I apply for one time at most?
A: We suggest that you can choose one position which you are the most interested in to apply. Our recruitment team will also recommend your resume to the most suitable position.
Q: Can I send my resume on the campus recruitment seminar?
A: Yes,you can.However,we suggest you make the online application at the same time,in order to collect your resume as soon as possible.

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Recruit Inquiry

Q:How can I contact with you if I have any inquiries?Besides company’s website,how can I get more information about recruitment?

A:If you have any further inquiries which you can’t find in the FAQ,you can contact us in the following ways,our HR specialist is in charge of answering your questions.

  2. Phone number:010-88577878
  3. Weibo: @SRCB
  4. Wechat:srcb_srcb
  5. BBS: