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Ricoh Software Research Center(Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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Career Opportunities

Resume Preparation

  • We prefer to look at a resume which is concise.Be sure to highlight your strengths and expertise, it’s somewhat can make you stand out.
  • Introduce your higher education experience from undergraduate to the highest education,what degree certificate you had gotten and the ranking of each degree.
  • If you are a student,please focus on your research project,internship program or short-term working experience which you had involved,put emphasize on your achievements.
  • If you are an experienced candidate,please show us your work performance and technical achievements in your previous jobs,as well as what efforts and contributions you had brought to your previous companies.
  • Presented paper,awards,academic achievements,all of which appeal powerfully to us.
  • Speak honestly and accurately about your experience and qualifications. Keep in mind, exaggeration or embellishing is a form of dishonesty—and it could do more to harm your career than help it.

Interview Preparation

  • Log in our website, generally get to know and understand our company and business,industry trends, research fields,products,services,etc.
  • Read over job description,well know about the requirements of positions for which you are interviewing,prepare for answering some depth technicalissues about the applied position.
  • Please prepare in earnest for your introduction ppt,which may let us get to know you about your technical skills.
  • Genuine enthusiasm and a positive attitude can help you make a good impression.Actually,we regard the interview process as an enjoyable exchange of technology between interviewers and candidates.
  • Show your intelligence confidently,answer questions clearly and logically,all our questions are intended to help us see your capabilities and potential to grow,so if you do not know the answers,tell the interviewers in good faith.
  • Please be sure to attend the interview on time,if you have to change or cancel the interview, you can inform HR 1 to 2 days in advance.
  • You don’t need to dress up to impress us. Wear whatever makes you most comfortable.We prefer to see you in a neatly dressed and behave in a becoming manner.

After the Interview

  • Wait for our reply patiently,don’t regret for the mistakes which you made in the interview.
  • If you have any supplementary explanations,please don’t hesitate to send an email to us.