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Ricoh Software Research Center(Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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Enabling Innovations in Workplaces

Sakaue Yoshinori
Ricoh Software Research Center (Beijing), Co., Ltd.

In January 2004, Ricoh opened its software research center in Zhongguancun, Beijing. Taking advantage of the technology hub where new ideas are created and exciting businesses are started almost everyday, this research center has grown to play key roles in Ricoh’s R&D group. Our goal is to enable innovations that make our lives better in our workplaces. Collaborations with Chinese partners such as the government, universities, and industrial institutions, have been an important strategy for us to identify the seeds.

Ricoh started as a spin-off of the Japan’s national R&D institution in 1936. It is embedded in our DNA to value the challenges to develop new technologies and start new business based on the results. Today, there have been many kinds of transformation taking place in many workplaces as digital data proliferate and new business opportunities emerge. It is our challenge to lead the transformation, and we will continue to invest in the new technologies that will lead us to win.

Leading Provider of New Technology for Office Innovation

Ricoh Software Research Center (Beijing), Co., Ltd.

Ricoh Software Research Center (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is the R&D center set up in China by Ricoh Group. Under such a rapid technical innovation era, we’ll cooperate with the Group Company actively by providing software development support for our products, as well as combining demands of the Chinese market to investigate and study the win-win technical solutions and business models with our local partners. We’ll strive to be the pioneer in this innovative time.

As an ancient Chinese poetry goes: “A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves, I'll set my sail and cross the sea.” As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of our Company, it’s my great honor of being the first Chinese General Manager. I hope I can help to set up a culture bridge between Japan and China, develop more and better China-oriented technologies and solutions with my team, and contribute to the world.