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RICOH imagine. change.

Ricoh Software Research Center(Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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Corporate Culture

Our unique corporate culture inspires creativity and originality, making our research center a primary source of new ideas and technologies that drive us forward.

Emphasize People Asset Attracting and nurturing people asset is an important mission to us. We sustain our concept of continuous learning by creating different sorts of training courses to suit different aims to improve our employees' self development in all aspects.
Inspire Oringinality We take originality seriously by taking failure easily. We are not afraid of failure, by all means, at any time. Our researchers' challenger spirit has tied our technologies and Ricoh's market value together.
Team Work Teamwork is a platform, bringing all knowledge together for sharing. We advocate equal knowledge sharing between groups, believing this is the only shortcut to fast improvement if there is any.
Balance of Life and Work Personal life is as important as work. That is why we emphasize balance between life and work. Company and labor union organizes travelling, sporting and various activities to help employees relax, getting themselves refreshed.